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5 Theater Workshops this May 2022

5 Theater Workshops this May 2022

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This May, there is a wide array of workshops for everyone– from kids, to teens, to adults, to newbies, to professionals, both online and offline! Learn more about the summer offerings from the different theater companies below.

1. Trumpets Playshop Online for Kids, Teens, and Adults (ONLINE)

Trumpets Playshop is offering workshops for all ages– Children’s Theater (4-6 years old), Musical Theater Pre-teens (7-12 years old), Musical Theater Teens (13-16 years old), Musical Theater Adults (17 years old and above), Dance Class Kids (5-12 years old), Dance Class Teens (13 years old and up), and Voice (6 years old and up).

Visit this link to know more about the classes and about how to enroll.

2. Atlantis Virtual Workshops for Kids and Teens (ONLINE)

Atlantis Theatrical’s summer workshops for kids and teens are back. Students will be able to learn the basics of acting, singing, and movement for theater from the safety of their home. Classes begin on May 2. For more information, contact info@atlantistheatrical.com or 0917 8381534.

3. Philippine Stagers Foundation’s Workshop Class of 2022 (FACE TO FACE)

Be part of the team actors who will perform in the company’s theater shows and films for 2022-2023. Join their workshop (face to face classes) for a minimal fee and qualify as members of their actors pool. Interested parties can register from April 27-30 at the PSF Blackbox Theater. The workshops will run from May 2 to June 15.

For inquiries, contact 0917-1645078/ 0966-2177412. 

4. K-Pop Dance Camp and Disney Theatre Adventure by Onstage Online (ONLINE)

Onstage Online is offering K-Pop Dance Camp and Disney Theatre Adventure for kids aged 4-8 years old.The K-Pop Dance Camp is fit for kids who love to bop to the latest K-pop hits. The high energy class will teach the fundamentals of dance, from learning rhythm, to dancing to a sequence, to choreography.

Disney Theatre Adventure is an acting workshop that will teach kids how to tell stories to an audience through Disney stories and songs.

Visit this link to sign-up.

5. PETA’s Theater Workshops for Kids, Teens, and Adults (ONLINE)

PETA is also offering a variety of theater workshops for all ages. For kids, there is Creative Play for Little Kids (2-4 years old), Creative Play for Big Kids (5-7 years old), and Children’s Theater (8-12 years old). Interested parties can apply through this link.

For teens and adults, there is Acting for Teens (13-17 years old), Musical Theater for Teens (13-17 years old), Acting for Beginners (18 years old and up), Acting for Screen (18 years old and up), and Creative Musical Theater (18 years old and up). There are also Special Courses for Adults– Creativity in the Workplace and Creative Parenting in the WFH Environment. Interested parties can apply through this link.  

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