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12 Great Performances from One Night Stand Cabaret

12 Great Performances from One Night Stand Cabaret

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We miss our First Tuesday nights habit.

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and more often than not, we’d be anticipating the monthly cabaret show, One Night Stand (ONS) at 12 Monkeys today if not for the current global crisis we’re all experiencing. Fortunately, the quarantine didn’t stop the group from putting together a show last week, fundraising to help those in the industry affected by the city’s community quarantine.

Even more fortunate, ONS uploads performances from their past show on YouTube. Whether you were in attendance hoping to relive a show, or you missed it and want to enjoy the performances too, they likely end up on their channel!

ONS, as well as other online efforts by the theater community, has been keeping us going in this strange time of no shows. Here are some of our favorite ones:

1. “Quiet” (Matilda the Musical)

Performed by Felicity Kyle Napuli

“I love watching cabaret performances that just take me back to powerful moments I experienced in the theater. In this first video, I was transported back to that moment in the musical where Felicity Kyle Napuli, who played Matilda in Atlantis Theatrical’s staging in 2017, musters her inner strength and develops the power of telekinesis. Napuli’s generous rendition of Quiet here makes me remember how deeply moved I was when I experienced what I considered to be the most affecting scene in that production.” – Frida Tan

2. “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” (Next to Normal

Performed by Bea Garcia and Joaquin Valdes

“In this second video, Bea Garcia, who played Natalie in Atlantis Theatrical’s staging of Next to Normal in 2011, also makes me relive one of my most favorite moments in the theater. In the song Superboy and the Invisible Girl, Natalie laments to her mother her family’s continuous neglect. In this thoughtful devised performance, Joaquin Valdes performs the parts of what were originally sung by Natalie’s mother (played in the theater by Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo) and brother (played in the theater by Felix Rivera).” – Frida Tan

3. “Ale Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako/Limang Dipang Tao” Medley by (Richard Reynoso/Celeste Legaspi)

Performed by Reb Atadero and Yanah Laurel

“These songs demonstrate that typical Pinoy way of putting a comedic spin on serious situations. The performers add spice to their interpretations while maintaining the nostalgia. Atadero exaggerates the flirty persona of the narrator with cheeky side-comments while Laurel imbibes her character with a wry sense of humor. I can listen to this medley on repeat and it always cheers me up because of the catchy melody and the engaging performances.” – Camille Rae Lim

4. “Kung Ako Na Lang Sana/Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang/Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” Medley by (Bituin Escalante/Ogie Alcasid/Roselle Nava)

Performed by Reb Atadero, Maronne Cruz, Mako Alonso, Jill Peña, and Jillian Ita-as

Filipinos love to sing about the pain of love almost as much as the joy of it. These songs about romantic quandaries maximize the “hugot” effect. And even if you (hopefully) haven’t experienced all of these tragic scenarios, there’s always something relatable about the songs, enhanced by the charismatic performances. The stories may be heartbreaking but  you can’t help but sing along.” – Camille Rae Lim

5. “Come to Your Senses” (Tick… Tick… Boom!)

Performed by Kakki Teodoro

Come to Your Senses is one of those Jonathan Larson classics that’s not just fun to listen to, but so cathartic to sing. Just watching Kakki Teodoro singing it is in itself cathartic, and the way she interprets it feels like she’s telling herself as well as me to come to my senses. It’s great! Definitely one ONS video I keep coming back to.” – Nikki Francisco

6. “La Vie En Rose” (Piaf)

Performed by Pinky Amador

“This performance of Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose by Pinky Amador gives me that 20s cabaret vibe. Whenever I listen to it I feel like a flapper at a speakeasy enjoying a sweet song. Plus, this rendition is multilingual. That’s right, it’s not just French, it’s not just bilingual. It’s multilingual. Iconic.” – Nikki Francisco

7. “Walang Ibang Pangarap” (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah)

Performed by Nonie Buencamino, Sandino Martin, and OJ Mariano

“There are a lot of things to love about this performance. It starts so strong with everything, from the music to the playful dancing on-stage, being fun and lively. Vincent de Jesus’ lyrics provides proper representation for all the different levels of #thirst which is just peachy. It’s reminiscent of watching the 2006 movie on Cinema One, followed by a Redford White movie, then Dolphy, and so on. It’s just a great pick-me-up and, anyway, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah said LGBTQ+ rights.” – Gail Reyes

8. “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” (Hercules)

Performed by Oli del Rosario and the cast of Disenchanted

“Oli del Rosario’s Megara is certainly endearing, seeming like she’s just one question away from spilling all the tea, even if ‘the tea’ is something as simple as getting a ‘like’ from her crush. Snow White is a queen as she makes the absolute most out of her puff sleeves. Plus, Gaston bopping right behind Meg, as if he was confident he was the object of her affection, sounds right on-brand.” – Gail Reyes

9. “It All Fades Away” (Bridges of Madison County) / “Stars and the Moon” (Songs for a New World) / “I’d Give It All For You” (Songs for a New World)

Performed by Audie Gemora and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo

It All Fades Away and Stars and the Moon are two of my favorite showtunes of all time, so for Philippine musical theater royalty to perform both in the same medley… I’m over the moon. The moment I love best in this performance is a candid little bit when Audie turns to an off-camera Menchu as the piano transitions from Bridges to Songs. My heart just melts.” – Renee Nuevo

10. “If I Loved You” (Carousel)

Performed by Teenee Chan and Pepe Herrera 

“This is the first One Night Stand video I ever saw, completely enchanted by Pepe Herrera’s voice. I’ve never needed anyone to play Billy Bigelow (in a concert reading of Carousel, of course!) more than I need Pepe to play the brooding carousel barker. Teenee Chan is absolutely adorable as Julie Jordan, and Pepe’s antics onstage just puts a smile on my face.” – Renee Nuevo

11. “Libreng Mangarap” (Real Life Fairytales)

Performed by Sandino Martin

“Libreng Mangarap must be one of the most affective portraits of the ‘hopeless romantic’. I first heard this gem in 2016, after missing Blue Rep’s run of Ejay Yatco’s original musical ‘Real Life Fairytales’. Hearing Sandino’s perfectly chocolatey voice, which hurt when and where it should, may or may not have made up for that.” – Raffy Cancino

12. “At Last” (Harry Warren)

Performed by Aicelle Santos 

“One word? Kilig! This rendition of At Last, sung by Himala star Aicelle Santos to then-boyfriend and now-husband Mark Zambrano, really hits you right in the kokoro. She actually performed this twice that night, this being the second time, but I guess it’s just that memorable because it’s their real love caught on film. Also, probably because—no, definitely because it’s Aicelle.” – Raffy Cancino

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