Volunteer Registration Opens for #METamorphosis

MET clean-up drive

Butterflies are needed for pollination, so to speak. Much like volunteers are needed for the rehabilitation of the Manila Metropolitan Theater. So let’s all help, and pollinate!

MET clean-up drive

After its two previous successful clean-up drives, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) is again opening its registration for volunteers to help restore and rehabilitate the Manila Metropolitan Theater. The previous #METamorphosis sessions that happened on December 12 and January 16 welcomed student volunteers from different universities, where they were tasked to clean up and scrub the MET‘s facade.


*All photos were taken from the METamorphosis Facebook PageMET clean-up drive

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This is among the first few steps to a thousand miles, that will culminate in a MET, restored to its old grandeur.

MET clean-up drive

#METamorphosis’ next bi-weekly clean-up drive will happen on January 30. According to Spot.ph, due to the limited slots for volunteers, NCCA will be selecting participants through an electronic draw. Try your luck, and sign up here.

And if your desire to volunteer does not METamorphose for this drive, stay tuned for the next announcement. The MET needs more of you!

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