REVIEW: “Audire (Listen Carefully)”

TFM Review: Audire by Frida Tan

Photography by Frida Tan

Artist Playground’s Audire (latin word for listen carefully) is a one-woman performance art show top-billed by renowned stage, film, and television actress Angelica Kanapi. It is an experimental piece where sound is used as the main proponent for the actor’s inspiration. With a background in improvisational theater, Kanapi uses the sound spontaneously put forth on stage to draw haunting, disappointing, and painful experiences from her own life. The show is not organized, nor linear; it is entirely unpredictable.

Angelica Kanapi shows us a memory from her childhood


Angelica Kanapi shows us a memory from her childhood

Director Jeffrey Camanag points out that the performances are never the same. The sound design changes at every show and the objects (randomly chosen by the audience before the show begins) used by the actor are always different; memories, thoughts, and emotions elicited by Kanapi are all unique in the moment. The audience goes through the journey of piecing the different scenes together to comprehend what the actor has gone through.

Angelica Kanapi uses objects randomly chosen by the audience

Camanag mentions though that the main objective of the show is to make the audience listen to their inner-selves and see if they can draw something out from their own life experiences. I personally did not feel this on my end because I was too busy empathizing with the actor’s emotions; being angry when she was, being frustrated when she was, being hurt when she was.

Kanapi performs a painful experience from her past

Although watching such a production is a unique experience, it is not for everyone, especially for those who are fond of watching more linear productions that progress from beginning to end. But watching Angelica Kanapi bear her soul on that stage is something that will be very hard to forget.

from left: Roeder Camanag (Artistic Director), Angelica Kanapi, and Jeffrey Camanag (Director)


The show will run on October 24, October 31, and November 7 at 1701 The Little Room Upstairs, Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave, Quezon City.

For tickets, call or text 0977-3062924

For more information about this show, please click here


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