Sights and Sounds: No Filter 2.0

Photo Coverage by Jolo Alamar

Beyond the Filter: The Sandbox Collective’s monster hit, No Filter, back on stage this October.

Overwhelmed and galvanized by the insistent public demand, The Sandbox Collective brings back its monster hit, No Filter, this coming October.


With critically-acclaimed director Toff de Venecia still at the helm, No Filter 2.0 promises to be a new and improved version of its widely successful first run- a refined but similarly raw and honest portrayal of what it means to be millennial in this day and age.

Featuring a series of monologues and multimedia performances, the production explores anything and everything millennial- from the evolution of social media, life after college, the woes of work and finding a job, pursuing one’s passion, Tinder, intimacy, finding love, success and happiness, among other issues.

In true Sandbox fashion, the collective intends to take things further by incorporating new monologues and infusing new blood into the roster. Three new millennials will be joining the highly anticipated re-staging. Sam Concepcion, Carla Humphries and Paolo Valenciano will be joining the original squad. In addition to the new cast members and monologues, this re-staging hopes to achieve a more intimate relationship with its audience.

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