Valentine's Day

From “Waitress” to “Mula Sa Buwan”, it’s slim pickings in the eligible romantic leads department.

Myke Salomon

Myke Salomon is returning as musical director in Trumpets’ upcoming production of Joseph the Dreamer.

Philstage auctions

All proceeds shall be for the benefit of Philstage, the alliance of professional companies in the theater.

Under My Skin

This Rody Vera-penned show presents a clear and unambiguous reality of HIV in the Philippines.

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

New company, “The Ink Project”, has professional theater first-timers front and center for its maiden production.

Mula sa Buwan

Performed by the hit musical’s composer and lyricist, William Elvin Manzano.

Boo Gabunada

Boo Gabunada will be playing the role of Em Bartolome in the upcoming rerun of Dekada ’70 this February 21-March 8 at Areté. He will also be joining the cast of Maxie the Musical this July.

Last year’s Extra Virgin Labfest, “Unang Puga” in CDO, was a thrilling spin-off of the festival’s winning format, and deserves to become the new theater tradition.