REVIEW: Perfect synergy in “Opera”


What happens when you put together outstanding choreography by French choreographer Redha, extraordinary set design by the great Gabriel Barredo, electrifying music by Malek Lopez, and 17 of the country’s best contemporary dancers on one stage?


Erl Sorilla and Victor Maguad (twins), Carissa Adea (mother)

There are no superlatives enough to describe the masterpiece that I saw last night. It’s true that I have only seen less than 10 ballets in my lifetime, but this is guaranteed to be a big stand out, even for any ballet aficionado.


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Ballet Philippines’ Opera was divided into 3 acts. The story is about the growth of man, told through the eyes of a mother and her twin boys. I honestly had a tough time following some points of the libretto, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was the synchronized euphoria that was unfolding before my eyes. 3 acts didn’t seem like they were ever going to be enough.

jaw-dropping set design by Gabriel Barredo

It was a feast for the eyes to say the least; a heart-pouncing experience more intense than any rock concert.

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Guest artist and former principal dancer of the company, Carissa Adea, comes back to the stage and gives a roaring performance as the mother. Victor Maguad and Erl Sorilla play the agile twins, Denise Parungao plays charismatic yet haunting “Death”, Earl John Arisola plays the “Perfect Creation”, and exceptional principal dancer Jean Marc Cordero plays the wily “Watcher”.

Denise Parungao (Death) and Jean Marc Cordero (the Watcher)

The company has more than surpassed its vision of synergizing different forms of art into one beautiful piece. Fans of visual arts, dance, music, and performing arts in general will have an incredible time.

It is a one-of-a-kind experience that gets you out of your chair and makes you hungry for more; a rare gem of a production that will hook you and make you truly believe in the unparalleled talents of our artists.

choreographer Redha with the cast L-R: Carissa Adea, Victor Maguad, Rita Winder, Jean Marc Cordero

Ballet Philippines sure knows how to end a season.

Photography by: Erickson dela Cruz

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