Now Streaming: “Daddy’s Girl” VLF One-Act is Online

Daddy's Girl
Skyzx Labastilla and Marco Viaña in Daddy's Girl

Missed this one-act the first time it streamed? It’s back online for free this week on the Pelikulove website!

The story is about a woman who meets her father in the afterlife as they unpack their disturbing past relationship and figure out what it means to be ‘soulmates’. Watch it for yourself HERE.

If you have already seen it and the show made you ask some questions, you may want to check out the Q&A the platform also hosted with the team behind the one-act including playwright Dingdong Novenario, co-directors Nicolas Pichay and Robin Estargo, and cast members Marco Viaña and Skyzx Labastilla.

Click the photo to watch the Q&A

Online platform, Pelikulove, promotes Filipino culture by creating and curating artistic and socially-relevant films. They also produced filmed versions of other plays on video on their website.

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