Now Streaming: “Cinderella” by Ballet Manila

Ballet Manila Cinderella
Photo Credit: Erickson Dela Cruz

Missing ballet? Looking for a classic the whole family can enjoy? Ballet Manila’s latest online offering has both! The company is currently streaming their original production of Cinderella, originally premiering in 2016, with a rerun in 2018.

This production was choreographed by Ballet Manila’s artistic director, Lisa Macuja Elizalde with additional choreography by Osias Barroso. Also featuring music by Prokofiev, Rodgers & Hammerstein, O. Wallace, M. David, P.J. Smith. Al Hoffman, and J. Livingstone.

The show stars Abigail Oliveiro as Cinderella, Mark Sumaylo as the Prince, Rissa May Camaclang and Pia Dames as the stepsisters, John Ralp Balagot as Stepmother, Kong Ke Xin as Godmother, Akari Ida as Scandinavian princess, Marinette Franco as a Mediterranean princess, Gerardo Francisco as a racoon, Elpidio Magat and Sean Pelegrin as frogs, Rudolph Capongcol, Anselmo Dictado, Romeo Peralta, and John De Dios as mice, Godwin Merano as the king, Rodney Catubay as the duke, and more.


The stream will only be available online until November 2, 2020, so make sure you don’t miss it!

You can watch the 2018 rerun version of Ballet Manila’s Cinderella here:

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