REP: 50 Years of Telling Stories

REP 50
Get your tickets now for Rep’s 50 Years of Telling Stories happening on June 11, 2017, at the Theater at Solaire.

REP 50REP celebrates its 50th year with a one-night-only concert featuring some of its most talented thespians.

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REP 50
Solaire Resort & Casino Entertainment City

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  1. June 13, 2017

    The Rep 50th show was a big disappointment,

    There were 8 segments directed by 8 supposedly good directors. But they all fell short in their production numbers. Special Mention for ruining everybody’s night: Freddie Santos. He had the worst segment, because he just kept rambling on about himself.

    Triple threats? None of that! The entire show’s singing, acting and dancing were not in sync. Absolutely none of the segments had anything worthwhile to offer.

    The lighting was horrific. Especially for us in the balcony. Can we please find better lighting directors?! Someone who actually knows how to light properly and has taste!

    In almost all the segments they felt the need to bring out the entire cast on stage to support the WEAK voices of their leads. This was a mess! It looked like a circus on stage. Nothing about it was appealing, it felt very chaotic.

    PS – To Freddie Santos: Shhhhhhhhh, silence is golden.

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