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The Riddle of the Sphinx

“The company is brave and dare I say philanthropic even, as they take on the difficult task of developing new talent through workshops and short plays.”

The Normal Heart

“It is a piercing and provocative story with characters written and portrayed as real men who lived–and died–for a cause.”

End of the Gallows

“To say that it was intense is to diminish the power of the play. It was a force of nature.”

Rak of Aegis

“With so many moving parts, and a production that encourages improvisation, it’s no surprise that the show inspires repeat viewings from its audiences.”

This is Who We Are

“The show is about loss, hope, and new beginnings and writer-director Nuel Rivera has churned out a story which is sincere at it’s core.”

Haring Lear

“Director Nonon Padilla is the perfect kind of genius to helm this groundbreaking production – with his Spartan-like attention to movement and tonality, Haring Lear might very well be his most accomplished, extensive canvass to date.”

The Pillowman

“McDonagh’s play is whip-smart, with complex layers that explore the reliability of a story and a storyteller.”