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“The show might have sought out to try and define what it means to be a millennial, but its greatest achievement is helping these young people in the audience feel less alone.”

Siddhartha the Musical

“SIDDHARTHA still has a ways to go, but the show’s talent, heart, and message are sure to make the journey worthwhile, and the final production truly brilliant.”

Magtanggol Liberacion!

“It had its appeal to the Filipino masses, definitely, but as a play that strove for social significance, it was found wanting.”

Ampalaya the Musical

“If there’s any play in existence that could represent our culture best, in its simplicity and beauty, Ampalaya: The Musical is it.”

Don Quixote

“The ballet is an exciting display of poetry in motion – a staging one should never miss.”

The Riddle of the Sphinx

“The company is brave and dare I say philanthropic even, as they take on the difficult task of developing new talent through workshops and short plays.”

The Normal Heart

“It is a piercing and provocative story with characters written and portrayed as real men who lived–and died–for a cause.”

End of the Gallows

“To say that it was intense is to diminish the power of the play. It was a force of nature.”