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The Horse and His Boy

Full of gorgeous visuals, exciting thrills, and heart-rending moments, The Horse and His Boy is not just a good children’s show. It is a remarkable show for all, regardless of age.

This is Our Youth

TFM Review: This is Our Youth by Nikki Francisco

“Red Turnip Theater affectionately refers to this staging as a ‘.5’ production. Sure, it’s not as big as their major shows, but there’s nothing ‘half’ about this one. It may be set in a smaller venue with a smaller cast, but the impact of the material and caliber of performances are full and bursting.”


TFM Review: Audire by Frida Tan Photography by Frida Tan Artist Playground’s Audire (latin word for listen carefully) is a one-woman performance art show top-billed by renowned stage, film, and …

“It’s a credit to the company that they were able to move and emote so well that you can almost hear Shakespeare’s immortal words through the choreography. Paul Vasterling said audience members can expect a really clear telling of Shakespeare— and that is exactly what they have accomplished.”

The Normal Heart

TFM Review: The Normal Heart by Alphonzo Alegrado

“When it comes to repartee, The Normal Heart is bursting at the seams. Having said this, the show does have it’s fair share of sullen and somber moments. Larry Kramer’s script is brilliant, well-balanced, and would surely be a delight for any actor to perform.”

TFM Review: Dancing in One Voice by Pia de Ungria   It was complete. Whole. And just like the number, you can’t help but place it at the top. Dancing …

TFM Review: Chuva Choo Choo by Pia de Ungria This is, of course, from how the word is used: a substitute for anything that one can’t find an expression for. …

TFM Review: Hugot sa Rosas by Pia de Ungria Ballet Philippines dug deep within, far beyond the earth’s crust, past the mantle and we got boiling-hot emotions that steamed from …