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Silent Sky

“Repertory Philippines paints a stellar feminist portrait of one Henrietta Leavitt, as she charged headstrong into the world of astronomy (and men).”

I Remember a Boy

“It is a two-hour show, yet if one were a lover of OPM from the 1970s-1990s, one could only pray that it would go on and on in order to savor the musicality of these millennial actors and actresses.”   

“Just like how the source material had a relatively more contemporary feel, director Jonathan Tadioan opted to incorporate pop culture references, solidifying the production’s relatability with its audience.”

Dulaang UP’s “Ang Dalagita’y ‘sang Bagay na Di-buo” is an important and impressive production aimed at educating all Filipinos on the long-term effects of sexual abuse.


“Ed Lacson Jr. stays faithful to how Filipino this story is, forgoing the usual accoutrements that accompany Western musicals.”

Don Quixote

“Ballet Philippines had talented dancers at the forefront and committed artists behind the scenes. It is a product of passion and inspiration.”

Ballet & Ballads

“In their season-closing production Ballet & Ballads, Ballet Manila aims to merge pop, opera, musical theater, and ballet in a concert celebrating love.”

“Perhaps Norman’s play–originally written in the 80s–continues to be relevant, but Lomongo’s adaptation contemporising it to present day Philippines is what makes the material truly resonant.”