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Tick Tick Boom

“An aspiring composer on the cusp of his 30s, Jon finds himself stuck, and as he achieves nothing substantial, life and those closest to him are quickly passing by.”

Philippine Ballet Theatre

“In celebration of Philippine Ballet Theatre’s thirtieth anniversary, the company recreated productions to pay homage to people who have contributed to their success.”

Jersey Boys

“It’s a fantastic staging that beautifully interplays The Four Seasons’ music with their outstanding story.”


What values, what principles will be put on hold in order to survive?

Dirty Old Musical

“This Spotlight Artists Centre’s original Filipino musical is about fictional 80s boy band ‘The Bench Boys’ who find themselves in a room together after 30 years.”

Firebird and Other Ballets

“The company took on the formidable task of performing four short, beautiful ballets by four renowned choreographers.”

Hansel & Gretel

“With Mio Infante’s enchanting sets and Zenaida Celdran’s beautiful costumes, the audience is transported to a magical world of fairies, wizards, and witches.”


“Love/Sick, a John Cariani play directed by Joel Trinidad, is a dark and bittersweet comedy that delves into the concept of falling in love, being in love, and staying in love.”