REVIEW: 10 Virgin Labfest “Kapit” Plays, Ranked

We may have just witnessed the birth of a new theater form.

REVIEW: “Carmina Burana” & “La Traviata” are triumphs in tragedy

Ballet Manila successfully closes its 24th season with a beautiful double bill.

REVIEW: “Matilda: The Musical” is a must-see modern classic

This RSC production is packed with stage magic, affecting performances, and a classic story fit for all ages.

REVIEW: “Tabing-Ilog” is a shallow dive into rocky waters

This Jade Castro-penned musical remake of the hit 90s show is a cacophony of themes and terrible teens.

REVIEW: “Batang Mujahideen” is an even-handed take on Basilan conflict

Guelan Varela-Luarca’s stylized production of Malou Jacob’s play invites audiences to check their preconceived notions at the door.

REVIEW: “Dekada ’70 the Musical” is a rousing reminder to never forget

Now on its third run, the musical adaptation of Lualhati Bautista’s 1983 novel is still  powerful and cathartic.

REVIEW: “Joseph the Dreamer” is a kaleidoscope of music and movement

“Joseph the Dreamer” is an energetic journey through dreams and dance, silhouette and song, all elements coming together to tell…

REVIEW: “Under My Skin” is the sex education we deserve

This Rody Vera-penned show presents a clear and unambiguous reality of HIV in the Philippines.