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REVIEW: “Passion” is Sondheim unrestrained and emotional

Director Robbie Guevara steps up to the challenge of staging one of Sondheim’s most controversial…

REVIEW: In “Company”, it’s style over Sondheim

Topper Fabregas’s stylized direction gets in the way of this Sondheim classic.

REVIEW: “The Quest for the Adarna” is a dazzling display of Filipino ingenuity

Playwright Luna Griño-Inocian’s retelling is a kid-relevant, mesmerizing modern take on the Pinoy epic.

REVIEW: Tipsy Tales’ “Lambana” is a wider world than expected

And it’s surprisingly easy to forget where you are.

REVIEW: “Dancing Lessons” is a typical staging of atypical love

With Francis Matheu’s perfunctory direction, this one-act about atypical love is middling at best.

REVIEW: “Mabining Mandirigma” pens a double-edged story

Nicanor Tiongson’s Mabini is a mixed bag that's half restraint, half chaos, and all patriotic.

REVIEW: “Dani Girl” is one sweet tear-jerker of a musical

Felicity Kyle Napuli and Rebecca Coates give very different, but equally affecting performances alternating as…

REVIEW: “Madagascar” is a feel-good musical that transcends age, species, and character billing

Directed by Steven Conde, The Atlantis Imaginarium Young Theatre (AIYT) debut production is wildly funny.