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“Jasmine Pia Dames who played Kitri and guest artist Esteban Hernandez who played Basilio both filled the stage with boundless energy, matching the temperament of Minkus’ vibrant music.”

“A year on, this show about our great political divide remains fresh, penetrating and confronting.”

“This play seems targeted to a younger demographic, or perhaps those who enjoyed Star Cinema-esque romcoms of old.”

“This revolutionary surtitled production points to local opera’s exciting future: delivering artistic truth to a wider audience, without the distractions of pomp and glamor.”

“This now iconic ballet and the Alice Reyes Dance Philippines Company have just re-established the gold standard for creating a Filipino ballet.”

This Guelan Valera-Luarca-penned and Charles Yee-directed bleak dystopia is intriguingly equal parts compelling and confounding.

“This university production is a strong staging of one-acts that touch minds and hearts, wringing audiences through a full gamut of emotions from start to finish.”