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“It is a magical retelling of a most beloved story, and a tuneful, fast-paced piece specifically created to be performed for young audiences.”

In Ballet Philippines’ “Crisostomo Ibarra” and “Simoun”, the protagonists of Jose Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” leap off of the page and onto the CCP Main Theater stage for one weekend only.

“Boy is a story of self-realization and gender identity, a journey to find one’s self amidst doubt and confusion.”

“Inspired from Eve Ensler’s play Vagina Monologues, the show is set in an actual bar and tells the inspiring stories of diverse individuals who’ve tasted the different flavors of bitterness that love has to offer.”

“This is an intensive, practical and exciting 6-day course on set and costume design.”

Mulagat is a multisensorial horror theatrical play written and directed by Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz.