Some of the world’s most-loved musicals feature single moms who will give anything–including their lives–for their children.

“The most stimulation you’ll get out of this show is an intellectual one. While not raunchy or even titillating, it is provocative in its own way, raising questions about society, gender roles, and human intimacy in the dawn of new technology.”


“National Artist Rolando S. Tinio’s impeccable translation captures the complicated, unique melody of Shakespeare’s heightened text.”

Agnes of God

“An excellent showcase of caliber from performers to production, Repertory Philippines proves with ‘Agnes of God’ that they may be 50 years old, but they’re all the stronger for it.”

Care Divas

“Liza Magtoto has crafted a layered, complex, and informative narrative that is enriched by Vincent De Jesus’s lyrics and musical direction. It’s a piece that leaves no stones unturned.”

Buwan at Baril

“The play (directed by Andoy Ranay) is a series of stand-alone monologues and dialogues and people who resisted, or were victims of the Marcos dictatorship.”


Find out his favorite scenes, songs, and who he’d want to play if he wasn’t Fiyero.

A Game of Trolls

“With this piece, PETA has lived up to its mission to educate. It sought for audiences to understand and care about their history, and in that regard, it has been triumphant.”