“It’s a credit to the company that they were able to move and emote so well that you can almost hear Shakespeare’s immortal words through the choreography. Paul Vasterling said audience members can expect a really clear telling of Shakespeare— and that is exactly what they have accomplished.”

Tag-ani Review

TFM Review: Tag-ani by Nikki Francisco The beginnings of love always feel like the first time. In the middle of a lovely park, one beautiful day, a man and a …

TFM Review: Venus in Fur by Nikki Francisco Sado-Masochism isn’t an easy sell—or maybe it is. We do live in a post Fifty Shades of Grey world, after all. Still, …

TFM Review: 33 Variations by Nikki Francisco Beethoven made so much more out of Anton Diabelli’s waltz. Red Turnip Theater’s production of 33 Variations has elevated Moises Kaufman’s material much …

No Filter

“The show might have sought out to try and define what it means to be a millennial, but its greatest achievement is helping these young people in the audience feel less alone.”

The Normal Heart

“It is a piercing and provocative story with characters written and portrayed as real men who lived–and died–for a cause.”

Rak of Aegis

“With so many moving parts, and a production that encourages improvisation, it’s no surprise that the show inspires repeat viewings from its audiences.”