Changing Partners

“What makes it a tremendous achievement is how it acknowledges all the things that may complicate a relationship, yet in the end it’s the choices of the people involved that make or break a relationship.”

Leandro Road

“A loose adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, director Jay Crisostomo IV and CK Bautista updates and translates the material to tell the tragic tale of the Laperals.”

Jersey Boys

“It’s a fantastic staging that beautifully interplays The Four Seasons’ music with their outstanding story.”

Jhett Tolentino

Three-time Filipino Tony Award-winning producer Jhett Tolentino has big plans for our country’s theater industry.

Dirty Old Musical

“This Spotlight Artists Centre’s original Filipino musical is about fictional 80s boy band ‘The Bench Boys’ who find themselves in a room together after 30 years.”

Suicide Inc.

“The show achieved the goal it set out to accomplish: perform art in the service of an important advocacy.”

American Idiot

“In an attempt to convert BGC passersby to theater-goers, 9 Works Theatrical and Globe Telecom partnered up to produce ‘American Idiot’, a musical based on the 2004 Green Day album of the same name.”