“If you weren’t a Queen fan before walking into the theater, you’ll come out one for sure.”

The current production of Mula Sa Buwan proves that theater isn’t only back, but is also on form.

Back on stage (and online), here’s all 12 of this year’s Virgin Labfest “Hinga” new roster of plays, ranked and reviewed.

It’s a fascinating premise: how politics need to be so calculated that winning or losing might hinge on how one shows up on the ballot–but this is only the pretense that brings Doc back to his dirt-poor beginnings.

“This musical, when in its form, gives you a glimpse of how today’s politicking has been going on for over a century, that the things today’s Filipinos are fighting for, and are dying for, are the same things our lauded national heroes have been fighting and dying for.”

“To an almost literal degree, they’re all stories of women taking their present circumstances head on and preparing themselves for the future. And what better theme to explore these days when we’re all–Filipino women and all genders alike–are on the precipice of great change?”

Here’s what to watch after you watch ‘Allegiance’.

Missed it the last two weeks? Well, you’re in luck!