The Female Heart

“The theme of the production is as powerful as it is relevant. The show tackles different economic, societal, and cultural issues that the urban poor face everyday –prostitution, domestic abuse, poverty, lack of health care, the plight of Filipino migrants, families’ over-dependence on working children — all tackled in depth through the eyes of this family.”


Such a fitting tribute for our country’s most formidable ballet icon.


These are some of the things that we found out about the project.


The cast answers some questions from the press and performs four songs from the musical!

American Idiot

“It’s not the first time theater has been done outdoors. It will be the first time that theater has been done outdoors in this kind of scale at the quality of Broadway.”

Abigail Oliveiro and Mark Sumaylo

Get to know more about the inspiring story of Ballet Manila’s power couple, Abigail Oliveiro and Mark Sumaylo!