Adrienne’s Story

220386_10150184271211892_8209571_oSome time in 2011, I remember being at the receiving end of a raving review from my good friend Frida. She was talking nonstop about this play that she had just watched called Next To Normal. Next thing I knew, I (along with everyone from Frida’s contact list) had received a text message asking us to like a Facebook page that she had just started. Yup, that page was Theater Fans Manila.

Truth be told, I don’t consider myself a huge theater fan. I enjoy the experience but I’ve never kept up with the industry. But, when Frida asked if I wanted to help out with the page, I had no second thoughts. I’ve always felt that Filipino artistry deserved more recognition than it was getting. This was our own way of supporting the arts.

Most people say they have that one play that changes everything. For me, it was a Facebook page. TFM has opened my eyes to so many mediums that I would have previously been oblivious to. I would never have discovered my enjoyment of ballet (!) and Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s work had I never joined TFM. Now that we’ve actually grown into a full-fledged website, I hope that we can still continue to encourage others to support our awesome theater industry.

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