About Theater Fans Manila

A Short History

Theater Fans Manila (TFM) started in April 2011 when founder Elfrida Tan found herself incredibly inspired by a local re-staging of Broadway’s Next to Normal. It touched her so much that she decided to start a Facebook page dedicated to Manila’s burgeoning theater scene, hoping that it would reach as many people as possible.

After a few months, she partnered with her friend Adrienne Gopoco to try to take TFM to the next level. Together, they infiltrated Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. They made monthly theater calendars, did weekend show round-ups, organized show listings — all aimed at bringing awareness to the theater scene.

After four years of hard work, the partnership has grown into what is now Team TFM, a group of young, talented, and diverse theater fans who cover as many shows as they can.

This website is what has been born out of six years of collective love and passion. We aim to be the most updated and the most interactive theater hub in Manila. We have a comprehensive list of theater events, a series of candid reviews, up-to-date news features from Manila, Broadway, and the West End, and press releases about almost all the theater productions happening in the Manila theater scene.

For inquiries, please email theaterfansmnl@gmail.com.

Our Vision

Theater Fans Manila aims to encourage everyone to go to the theaters and immerse themselves in the wealth of Filipino artistry.

The Editorial Staff

Elfrida Tan
Managing Director

Adrienne Gopoco
Creative Director

Nikki Francisco
Chief Reviewer

Alphonzo Alegrado
Resident Reviewer

Jen Gaisano
Graphic Designer

Sandy Da Silva
Erickson Dela Cruz
Erica Jacinto

Student Correspondents
Raffy Cancino
Dey Ilagan

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